When I began my wealth management practice in 1989 I worked for some of the top firms on wall street including Drexel Burnham Lambert and Smith Barney. After developing my business and acquiring extensive experience and knowledge at two major national firms I felt the need to provide my clients a more intimate personal relationship that was not available at such large institutions. My desire to provide my clients more personalized service led me to two smaller regional firms, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC and A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc. While both firms provided me and my clients a more personalized platform, it still was not the vision I had for my practice. My vision was to provide my clients objective advice, on an independent basis. I knew the key to being successful for my clients meant I needed to have the flexibility to provide complex financial solutions to their specific goals and objectives rather than the cookie cutter approach that I witnessed at the larger firms. This led to the creation of Opes Private Wealth Management, a firm whose name and logo represents our mission. In Latin, the word Opes stands for "abundant wealth and resource". The crest around the bull and bear represent the firms ideal of being the protector of our client's assets. The balance at the bottom is representative not only of fairness but also a balance between both good and bad markets.

After vetting numerous independent platforms to provide back office support to Opes Private Wealth Management, we chose to enter a relationship with independent firm B Riley Wealth. This relationship provides our clients considerable resources through B Riley's primary custodian, National Financial Services, who is a division of Fidelity and through our wealth management platform, Envestnet Asset Management.  Envestnet is the largest independent consulting firm specializing in advanced wealth management concepts including deep wealth manager due diligence and state of the art reporting.  We regularly consult with some of the industry's top collaborative institutional money managers, staffed with analysts, economists, and investment strategists. In addition, we continuously utilize and collaborate with our firm's extensive relationships with lawyers and accountants to tailor specific solutions that best serve the interests of our clients.


Marc Lowlicht, CFP®,MSFP